FAQHere you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the process of submitting and selecting video games to compete in the Pégases Ceremony.

Which video games are eligible for the Pégases?

All video games commercialized between December 1st and December 31st 2022 and for which the majority of the production team is based in France (not applicable for foreign awards) are eligible for Pégases 2024 Awards.

How are the video games selected?

Development studios, publishers and educational institutions voluntarily submit their video games on the dedicated platform. All these games are then subject to a voting process to which the Academy members participate.

Who designates the winner of each award?

There is no jury for the Pégases. The 1500+ Academy members (French video game professionals) vote to grant the awards. To learn more about the members of the Academy, please visit https://academiejeuvideo.org/. Only members of the Academy whose registration has been approved before December 31st of the year preceding the ceremony can vote to elect the nominees and winners of the Pégases Awards. The "Honorary Distinction" and the "Personality of the Year" are the only awards that are not granted by a vote of the Academy members. It is the Steering Committee of the Academy that nominates the winners of these prizes.

How to become a member of the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques?

The Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques wants to federate all video game professionals. Gathered within colleges, the members are professionals belonging to the video game industry or exercising an activity that contributes to the development of the video game sector. Their membership is voluntary, declarative and free of charge, and is carried out on the Academy's website https://academiejeuvideo.org/.

How is the vote carried out?

The members vote by remote electronic voting, by secret ballot, in two rounds. In the first round, everyone votes from among the video games submitted by development studios, publishers and educational institutions. At the end of this first round, the three games nominated to compete at the Ceremony are determined. The second round takes place under the same conditions and with the same electorate, in order to determine the winner of each category. The results are then announced during the Ceremony.

For the candidates :

Is there a charge for submitting a video game?

The application is subject to the payment of 240 euros (including tax), per game submitted, by the development studio, publisher or training institution. The price is 120 euros, including tax, per game submitted, for members of the SNJV, the Network of Video Game Schools and regional associations that have signed the SNJV-regions partnership agreement (Bouftang, East Games, Game In, Game Only, Push Start, So Games).

Can a port be a candidate?

It is entirely possible to submit a video game port if it was released the year before the Ceremony.

Can the same video game win the award for Best Video Game / Best Indie Game / Best Mobile Game?

All entries in the "Best Indie Game" and "Best Mobile Game" categories will automatically be entered in the "Best Video Game" category. The same goes for the foreign categories.

Is it possible to submit a video game released in early access only?

Yes, it is possible to submit a video game released in early access only. However, this video game will then no longer be eligible for a future edition, unless it is ported to another platform.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academy team at contact@academiejeuvideo.org or refer to the rules and regulations in the footer of the website https://soumission-pegases.academiejeuvideo.org/login.